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Idiot Alert: Sam Donaldson Accuses Political Right of Opposing President Obama Because He Is Black!

sam donaldson

Sam Donaldson, ABC News anchor and reporter, who regularly treated President Ronald Reagan with disrespect, feels he knows exactly why Neil Munro of the right-leaning Daily Caller  recently treated Barack Obama with disrespect. During the President’s recent announcement that he had decided to ignore the Constitution and make up laws by himself from now on, effectively granting immunity to some illegal aliens with a wave of his almighty hand, Munro shouted out a question rather than waiting for the President to leave the podium without taking any questions. Donaldson’s reaction in part:  “Many on the political right believe this president ought not to be there – they oppose him not for his polices and political view but for who he is, an African American!”

Right Sam. Yes, that must be it. It cannot be people on the political right  dislike Obama because he’s increased the federal debt by nearly five trillion dollars and given us our highest deficits since 1946 and yet has made not one serious proposal to reform the entitlements that are clearly causing the problem. No way!

Or that he has purposefully ignored the Constitution and is opposed to the ideals of the founding fathers. Can’t be!

Or maybe because of his close relationship with anti-American terrorist William Ayers (about which he lied) or his twenty year tutelage under the racist, anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright (about which he almost certainly lied) or the several attempts at government encroachments so overweening that they have been struck down 9-0 by a normally divided Supreme Court — and see all that as evidence that this president is less committed to the American project than any leader of this continent since King George. No siree!

Pretty pathetic Sam. When the facts correctly show Obama to be an lying, arrogant, incompetent, socialist ideologue who frequently disregards the Constitution, and whose economic policies have been a total failure, you accuse Obama’s detractors of being racist.  I know Sam, you are just doing the job every non-Fox News main stream media personality feels ethically obligated to do…get Obama re-elected!

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